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Japanese Truck Wreckers In Brisbane

Japanese Truck Wreckers In Brisbane

  • We wreck all makes of Japanese trucks such as Toyota Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu, ford trader.
  • Wanted all makes of Japanese trucks cash paid on the spot up to $13999.
  • We Come To You for a Free Quote.
  • We Pick-Up Your Truck & pay you cash on the spot.

Did you know We at Brisbane Truck Wreckers Buy Old and Unwanted Japanese Trucks as well as wreck Japanese trucks, with over 10 years of experience we know all the ins and outs of Japanese trucks if your truck is old and not in use anymore you can sell it to us same day with a lot of hassle-free option, you simply get the cash and leave all the stress of removal and towing up to us we are the professionals in truck wrecking industry.

What should you know?

The availability of internetworked roads and highways provide an exceptional platform for making the use of motor vehicles a primary means of transport in the city. The biggest issue arises when the vehicles age or break down, and they are left to rust off either on the streets, at the roadside or even in driveways at home. Their good parts are left to waste away and they also eat up road space if left on the roadside thereby causing traffic. They can, however, be scrapped off and renovated to be made useful again. So why not sell them to us & get some big cash.

Some of our most bought vehicles in Brisbane:

  • Toyota Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Nissan Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Mazda Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Mitsubishi Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Hino Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Fuso Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Ford Trader Truck Wrecker Brisbane
  • Daihatsu Truck Wrecker Brisbane

Why should you choose us?

  • We are licensed Truck Wrecker in Brisbane
  • We sell quality used truck parts at a very low price
  • Over 10 Years’ experience in wrecking trucks of all makes
  • We come to you to value your Truck free of any charges
  • We pay the top dollar for your unwanted Truck up to $15999
  • By selling your old damaged or unwanted Japanese Truck to us you know that you are in good hands and we are a very well established company been there for 10 years.

Our Recycling Process

We are qualified and experienced in the scraping industry. They are well trained to ensure that once a vehicle is brought, they let it go through three important processes; scrap, vehicle dismantling, junk disposal and finally recycling.

  • Scrap vehicle dismantling: the scrap vehicle is carefully dismantled under close supervision and each part kept separately. After getting rid of the unwanted gases and fluids, important spare parts are kept safe for re-use in other vehicles.
  • Junk disposal: after salvaging the usable spare parts, the remaining pieces of metal are crushed together and sent to the metal department for recycling.
  • Recycling: in the metal department, the remaining metal is recycled so that it can be used in different other industries.

We also offer up to $10,000 in cash for used vans, 4wds, trucks, commercial vehicles and also Utes. If you would like to receive a relatively good amount of cash for that old, broken, scraped or junk vehicle that is just sitting in your backyard, driveway or garage in Queensland, Truck Wreckers Brisbane is your best choice for a junk sale.

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