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All The Necessary Information On Four Wheel Drive

A four-wheel drive is an expensive product to own. People may take many years to fulfil their dreams of owning a 4×4. However, buying a vehicle is not the end of the responsibility. The car too, like any other product, requires the necessary care and maintenance. It is this maintenance that allows it to function correctly for a more extended period. Sooner or later, whenever the individuals purchase the four wheelers, it is essential for them to know how to maintain the vehicle, the expenses involved in the repair and maintenance of the car, etc.

Owners cannot know how to manage the vehicle without having an idea about the settings and their use.

Following are some vital information about four-wheel drives:

  • Four High (4H) four-wheel drives

    Four High (4H) –

    In situations where the vehicle requires additional traction, the 4H setting gives a reasonable speed. That is suitable when the car has to travel on wet or snowy roads, freeway/motorways, mud packed, sand or roads with loose gravel.

  • Four Low (4L) four-wheel drives

    Four Low (4L) –

    This setting provides the highest traction and power possible, to the driver. It is suitable for roads with mud, crossing water, snow, descending and rock climbing. While using this setting, drivers must ensure that the speed of the vehicles is below 40 mph.

  • Automatic Four Wheel Drive (AWD)

    Automatic Four Wheel Drive (AWD) –

    Ultimately automatic four-wheel drive setting allows the driver to relax as the car is set automatically. It reduces the risk of slipping to a large extent. It is ideal for roads with mud and snow. There are two types of automatic AWDs. The full-time AWD supplies power to all four wheels of the 4×4, but its drawback is that it cannot provide a low range torque for the four low settings. The part-time AWD is the other type of automatic four-wheel drive. Using the four-wheel drive setting while travelling on smooth, flat roads can damage the drivetrain. Drivers should also keep the speed limit in mind as this setting provides more torque and engages all four wheels; therefore, it is difficult for the car to stop. Drivers should drive at average speed while shifting between 2 wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

People who want to sell their 4×4 vehicles and trucks can sell them to truck wreckers for a reasonable price. Their services are available throughout the year and round the clock, at any given location.

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